NFSAT is confident that the Armenian scientific community will find its distinguished niche among the international scientific community, no matter how long and winding the road is.

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About Us
The National Foundation of Science and Advanced Technologies is a non-profit organization established in 1997, according to a legislative act of the Republic of Armenia. NFSAT's mission is to accelerate the development of the scientific and technological potential of Armenia through competitive grants. This will result in reputable and excellence driven scientific output and help advance Armenia's economy via new technological innovations.

It is our firm conviction, at NFSAT, that a crucial and incontestable element which will decide Armenia's healthy development as a nation and its economic viability in the future is the quality of the science it produces. This implies that in our opinion, no effort must be spared in nurturing our young scientists to adopt and rejoice in competitive research and a merit based promotion system. This website chronicles our continuing efforts in this regard. We support scientific activities in Armenia through a merit based competitive grant system where adherence to the law, transparency of process and equal consideration to all applicants, regardless of status, position or legacy, are our guiding principles.

The scientific merits of the proposals we receive are the ultimate decisive elements for support.
Nothing else!

Latest News

Supporting the Participation of young Armenian researchers or students on Science in the City at the European Scientific Open Forum 2014

The nongovernmental organization, Amstream together with NFSAT, offer funding for travel expenses to three young Armenian researchers or students, who will have the opportunity to participate in the satellite event Science in the City at the European Scientific Open Forum 2014 and present Armenian technologies.

The NFSAT, YSSP and CRDF Global congratulate the 15*) finalists of the joint competition under Young Scientists Support Program (YSSP-13):
  1. YSSP-13-02 - Vahan Hovhannisyan
  2. YSSP-13-04 - Gevorg Gevorgyan
  3. YSSP-13-06 - Aram Manaselyan
  4. YSSP-13-08 - Vardan Harutyunyan
  5. YSSP-13-19 - Gohar Tsakanova
  6. YSSP-13-21 - Alina Zurnachyan
  7. YSSP-13-22 - Sergey Abrahamyan
  8. YSSP-13-24 - Rafayel Barkhudaryan
  9. YSSP-13-26 - Lilit Hovhannisyan
  10. YSSP-13-29 - Kristine Balyan
  11. YSSP-13-33 - Anna Mkrtchyan
  12. YSSP-13-34 - Astghik Shahkhatuni
  13. YSSP-13-41 - Babken Avchyan
  14. YSSP-13-44 - Davit Poghosyan
  15. YSSP-13-48 - Astghik Hovhannisyan
*) The final decision regarding the YSSP-13-16 (PI - Astghik Ghazaryan ) application will be made before 27.05.13, depending on the availability of additional financial means.

Young Scientists Support Program (YSSP-13) 2013

Program Announcement
The National Foundation of Science and Advanced Technologies (NFSAT), the "Young Scientists Support Program" (YSSP), Youth Foundation of Armenia (AYF), and CRDF Global are pleased to announce the 2013 Young Scientists Support Competition (YSSP-13). This competition aims to support research in the fields of physical, natural, and technical sciences. more...

The National Foundation of Science and Advanced Technologies (NFSAT), the State Engineering University of Armenia (SEUA), and CRDF Global are pleased to announce the 2012 Early Career Support Competition.

This program aims to support outstanding applications in the fields of physical, natural, and technical sciences. The competition is designed to provide support to early-career Armenian scientists and engineers with opportunities to:

Please note, that this program is closed and no more applications will be accepted.
Competition under "Travel Support Program"
On a competitive basis the NFSAT will provide up to US$2000 each special support for Armenian scientists in all areas of basic and applied sciences to participate in International Scientific conferences and engineering professional societies meetings in the United States and Europe.

NFSAT will cover the transportation expenses only to Armenian researchers demonstrating intense interest by the organizers for their participation in scientific conference. In accordance with the NFSAT?s principles of operation, support for the proposed activity will be determined exclusively by the scientific merit of applications. more...

Competition under "International Scientific Conference Support Program"
The NFSAT will sponsor International scientific meetings or conferences to be held in Armenia on a topic in the basic or applied sciences and which will be organized at Armenian research organizations with .non-profit. juridical status.

On a competitive basis, NFSAT will sponsor up to 6 International scientific meetings or conferences, which will be organized by Armenian research organizations and universities under umbrella of local and/or International professional unions. The Statement from the International professional journals about readiness to publish the conference materials is also mandatory. more...

Two candidates approved under the "Material and Equipment Purchase Support" Program 2012
The "Material and Equipment Purchase Support Program" announced in 2012 is a result of cooperation between The National Foundation of Science and Advanced Technologies (NFSAT) and Armenian International Women‚s Association (AIWA). more...
Seven applications approved for the grants under the NFSAT 2011 Travel Fellowship Program.

December 13, 2011. Under the 2011 Armenian Travel Fellowship and Follow-on Grants Program (TFP), the National Foundation for Science & Advanced Technology (NFSAT) and CRDF Global selected seven applicants to receive a travel fellowship for research visits to the United States. more...

The NFSAT Armenia Virtual Science Library Program became a reality
On 29 November 2011, U.S. Ambassador Heffern welcomed the launch of the Armenia Virtual Science Library (AVSL), an efficient Internet portal that provides a convenient, single point of access for research articles written by scientists in Armenia and around the world. The system is the result of a U.S.-Armenian partnership involving several organizations. It is available from more than 80 universities and research institutions throughout Armenia, and provides a comprehensive means for faculty, students, researchers, laboratory technicians, and technology innovators to explore cutting-edge scientific knowledge. more...

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